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  4. Locarno Revisited : Michael L. Dockrill :

Locarno Britain and the Security of Europe. British Pursuits. Austen Chamberlain and the Negotiation of the Kellogg.

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Early Test of Fascist Intentions. Continuity in French.

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The FrancoSoviet Negotiations of The GermanSoviet Trade. Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

Diplomacy In A Time Of Transition: Blueprint For America

Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! This collection of essays examines European politics and diplomacy in the 's, with special emphasis on the Treaty of Locarno of , often seen as the 'real' peace treaty at the end of the First World War.

Contributors discuss the diplomacy of the principle countries that signed the Treaty of Locarno in and consider the issues of greatest importance to the study of European history in the 's.

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The inability of contemporaries to arrive at a working consensus about what the treaty was intended to achieve weakened it and paved the way for its destruction. Unlike the Paris Peace Conference, however, the Treaty of Locarno and the era of diplomacy to which it gave its name, were not always seen as flawed. Until , they were held up as one of the high points of European diplomacy in the s. This book asks whether it is still appropriate to under-rate the importance of the Treaty of Locarno.

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German foreign minister Gustav Stresemann made his highest priority the restoration of German prestige and privileges as a leading European nation. French withdrawal from the Occupation of the Ruhr was scheduled for January , but Stresemann sensed that France was very nervous about its security and might cancel the withdrawal.

Stresemann realized that France deeply desired a British guarantee of its postwar borders, but that London was reluctant.

ISBN 13: 9780714685496

Stresemann came up with a plan whereby all sides would get what they wanted through a series of guarantees set out in a series of treaties. British Foreign Minister Austen Chamberlain enthusiastically agreed. France realized that its occupation of the Ruhr had caused more financial and diplomatic damage than it was worth. The conference of foreign ministers they convened in the Swiss resort of Locarno on October agreed on a plan.

Locarno Revisited : Michael L. Dockrill :

The first treaty was the most critical one: a mutual guarantee of the frontiers of Belgium, France, and Germany, which was guaranteed by Britain and Italy. The second and third treaties called for arbitration between Germany and Belgium , and Germany and France, regarding future disputes.

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The fourth and fifth were similar arbitration treaties between Germany and Poland, and Germany and Czechoslovakia. Poland especially, and Czechoslovakia as well, felt threatened by the Locarno agreements and these treaties were an attempt to reassure them.

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Thanks to the Dawes Plan , Germany was now making regular reparations payments. The success of the Locarno agreements led to the admission of Germany to the League of Nations in September , with a seat on its council as a permanent member. For Britain, the main goals were promoting Franco-German reconciliation, and the expectation that reconciliation would lead to France abandoning its Cordon sanitaire , as the French alliance system in Eastern Europe was known between the wars.

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Germany formally recognised its new western borders acted by the Treaty of Versailles. Furthermore, the first three signatories undertook not to attack each other, with the latter two acting as guarantors. In the event of aggression by any of the first three states against another, all other parties were to assist the country under attack.